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Why should you do an online program?

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Online training programs are gaining large popularity, especially since the worldwide pandemic hit and gyms, training facilities, and sports teams had to shut down their operations for months at a time. What did we learn during this time? That online training programs can be an effective program when athletes hold themselves accountable, ask questions, and aspire to get better.

What's the differences between an online training program and in-person?

At the end of the day, the athlete still gets a high quality training program, coaching, and the ability to progress and grow. The main difference is the "coaching", there is not immediate feedback from the coach to the athlete on the specific exercise. How we tackle this is two-fold. 1. Each exercise has a video demonstration, this allows the athlete to see what is proper vs improper. 2. Athletes are able to send in exercise videos of themselves for coaching analysis. Now, because the athlete is only performing that specific exercise once a week, this gives the coach time to break down the video, send it back to the athlete, and repeat the cycle until there is proficient movement in said exercise.

Online training is the cheaper option.

Realistically, training with a coach in-person is the best tool to grow as an athlete. However, this comes with a price;

Not everyone has the time or money to go to a gym and work with a coach in-person. Low and behold the middle ground of online training. Instead of making up exercises on your own or doing extensive research on "what's best for my situation" have a professional coach do it for you. This takes the guesswork out of the training process and allows the athlete to do what they do best- practice, train, and compete!

At the end of the day, developing is a full time process. There is no on or off-season for developing. Athletes need to give themselves the best chance to improve performance. Online training can offer a window into performance enhancement that has been missing in their athletic careers.

All the best,

Abe Edson

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