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Training Programs

Each program is provided online, so the athlete can perform the training days based on their location:

Each program is designed based on the athletes development stage. There are specific progressions, steps, and maturing that needs to take place as an athlete develops through their training career. Below are a description of the development stages, based on months and years of structured strength and conditioning training.

Beginner-0-12 Months of Strength Training

Intermediate- 1-3 Years of  Strength Training

Advanced-3-6 Years of Strength Training

Elite- 6+ Years of Strength Training


Head over to our Programs for Sale page to check out which option is best for you. We offer individual and general programs to fit your needs. 

Break Down of Programs

The overarching goal of each program is to increase the athletic ability of the athlete. This is done through training in forms of strength, power, and speed with a wide range of movements. Athletes will focus on different areas based on their development age.

Beginner Stage- The beginner athlete will gain experience in a large range of movements, and work on their technical ability in the weight room. A large emphasis on learning movement/technique first is emphasized as this gives the athlete a foundation to build strength and speed. 

Intermediate Stage- The intermediate athlete will continue movement and technique proficiency. They will also begin to work on building total body strength and power. 

Advanced Stage- At the advanced level, building up to maximum level strength, plyometric training, and sport specific conditioning are used to close the gap into the elite level age. 

Elite Stage- In the elite level stage, specialized strength training in the forms of maximal level strength, and max power training are performed. Along with these, sport specific conditioning and injury prevention models are performed regularly for peak performance. 

Note- Every stage level works on speed, as this particular quality is extremely important to be developed at a young age and continually built upon as the athlete becomes stronger and in better condition from training.

In-Season vs Off-Season

In-season training is extremely crucial part of an athletes development. The ability to continue to grow both on and off the field during the season must be realized to achieve a high level of performance. The main difference between the two is that in-season training is less total time of training. Typically there are 2 days of strength training in-season compared to 3-4 days of strength training in the off-season.

Single leg training is a huge focus for all of our athletes. The ability to be strong and stable on one leg allows for greater sport performance and injury resilience.

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